Insider Holdings

MBIA Inc. Stock Ownership and Section 16 Reporting for Directors and Executive Officers

as of 1/3/18

Name & Title Shares
Owned (1)
Stock Options
Exercisable Unexercisable
Non-Employee Directors:
Francis Y. Chin
34,305 N/A N/A
Steven J. Gilbert
169,106 N/A N/A
Charles R. Rinehart
Non-Executive Chairman
212,592 N/A N/A
Theodore Shasta
107,850 N/A N/A
Richard C. Vaughan
100,673 N/A N/A
Executive Officers:
William C. Fallon
Director, Pres. & CEO
919,650 0 0
Anthony McKiernan
465,492 0 0
Daniel M. Avitabile
Managing Director
53,673 0 0
Adam T. Bergonzi
88,018 0 0
Jonathan C. Harris
General Counsel & Secretary
83,460 0 0
Joseph R. Schachinger
AVP & Controller
49,177 0 0
Christopher H. Young
Managing Director
53,233 0 0

Section 16 Filings

Please click on the link below to see any filings made by any of the above named directors and officers on Forms 3, 4 or 5 on or after July 1, 2003 pursuant to Section 16 of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.

Section 16 Filings

1 This number includes (a) for directors, shares of Common Stock held directly, Common Stock equivalent deferral units held under the MBIA Inc. 2005 Non-employee Director Deferred Compensation Plan, restricted stock awarded directors, some of which may be subject to forfeiture, and (b) for executive officers, shares of Common Stock held directly, shares held by the executive officers under the Company's exempt 401(k) Plan and non-qualified contribution retirement plan and restricted shares awarded to executive officers as part of their long-term compensation, some of which may be subject to forfeiture.

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