MBIA Alert Line

MBIA Inc. has established an Alert Line, in compliance with federal law and other applicable law, for anonymously reporting complaints related to accounting, financial reporting and fraud concerns. The MBIA Alert Line also may be used to report complaints or concerns relating to potential violations of law or regulation that govern any of MBIA’s business activities (including those of its subsidiaries), our Standard of Conduct or a lapse in business ethics, or to report operational risks.

The Company has engaged a third party service provider, currently Global Compliance Services, to set up and maintain a telephone hotline that can be used to report these complaints. The Alert Line is toll-free and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by trained employees of the service provider. In the U.S., Canada and Mexico the toll free number is 1-866-814-2692. Outside North America, the number to call is +1-704-943-1128 after first dialing the applicable country code. These calls will be on a collect basis. Calls may be made anonymously but the caller can provide a name if they wish to do so, and no information which could be used to identify a caller (e.g., caller ID or voice recordings) is provided to the Company.

Confidentiality and Anti-Retaliation Policy

Any concerns reported through the Alert Line will be documented and communicated to the Company for internal investigation and follow-up. The identity of the caller is not communicated to the company. In lieu of using the Alert Line, individuals can also report any concerns directly to the Chief Compliance Officer. The Company cannot and will not engage in any retaliatory action against any caller for using the Alert Line or for reporting any concerns directly.

The Company encourages prompt reporting of any concerns with respect to accounting, financial reporting, fraud or complaints or concerns relating to potential violations of law or regulation that govern our business activities, our Standard of Conduct or a lapse in business ethics. In order to enable us to investigate any concerns, we encourage callers to provide sufficient detail regarding the concern.

Further information on the MBIA Alert Line can also be found in the MBIA Standard of Conduct.

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